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About Our Bakery

Japanese cuisine includes a great variety of dishes, and, little by little, they are becoming known in Western countries. Many people are discovering that there is much more than sushi and ramen. If you are one of those, we invite you to get to know about Japanese cakes!

An oasis in the fast-paced streets of Bray Co.Wicklow, Smartbear Cafe is filled with incredible selection of freshly handmade Japanese Cakes. Ingredients are sourced directly from local suppliers.


Our Commitment

Japanese bakeries can be divisive. There are times when soaking up some Showa Era (1926-89) nostalgia while tucking into a korokkē pan (fried potato croquette wedged in a hotdog roll coated in sweet-tangy sauce) or snacking on a soft-yet-seductive kurīmu pan (custard bread) fits the bill. Then there are times when you want to bite into a slice of actual bread and not a bread-shaped cake impostor.


We set out to adapt concepts, ultimately producing something familiar yet strange, and often much better.

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