About Our Bakery

Smartbear Cakery is an Artisan Japanese Bakery based in Bray Main Street providing tasty and healthy fresh cakes made from supreme grade ingredients like Japanese imported matcha, free range eggs, handmade sauces, and most importantly no added artificial colouring or additives. Everything in our cakes is hand made from start to finish.

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Japanese Sponge スポンジケーキ

Japanese Sponge Cake is a light, soft, fluffy cake made with egg whites, flour and sugar. The sponge cake is thought to be one of the first of the non-yeasted cakes.
Japanese Sponge perfectly match with fresh cream and fresh fruit.


Mille Crepe ミルクレープ

Mille means a thousand, and it often refers to the many layers found within the crepe cake.The Mille Crepe texture is very light, almost cloud like, also not too greasy. It spreads very evenly and thinly and it’s so silky even a simple fork can easily glide through.  When you have your first bite you will feel the sensation of melty feeling all over your mouth.

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Birthday Cake


New Dessert

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Special Occasion